Dear Middle Class: You’re Doomed

terminated photoBy Mike Johnson

Have you heard the latest news about your retirement? You ain’t gonna make it.

With banks paying less than 2% interest, the stock market in an insane, unsustainable bubble, and REAL inflation running nearly 10% (, your purchase power is melting faster than you can save it.

REAL unemployment is nearly 23% ( and getting worse. Which means the odds of your job going away are increasing more every day.

But enough gloom and doom. What can you do about it?

You can start self-educating yourself to take control of your own investments.

If you stick with The Herd, you’re going to go right over the cliff with everyone else. It’s a mathematical certainty that the dollar is in a death spiral that will result in a Big Reset or total collapse. Goodbye digits and dollars.

The dollar’s value is already collapsing in not-so-slow-motion right now. Prices aren’t going up, the value of the dollar is going DOWN. So it takes more dollars to buy the same goods.

I’m not a trained or licensed financial adviser.  But I am a passionate and bright guy who has invested more than 10,000 hours studying the current financial and political systems. I follow my own advice and learned how to retire early with passive income streams that are protected from inflation, taxes and low interest rates. I think that makes me an expert. But that’s for you to decide. It’s your money, so make your own choices. I’m not responsible for any losses you experience. Do your own research and become your own expert.

That said, here’s what I’d do if I had an IRA, 401k, profit sharing or retirement savings account (I don’t because savers are being systematically sheared like sheep).

I’d find a very profitable business or residential income property with more than 30 units, and BUY it (I did) with my retirement funds. I’d absorb the early withdrawal penalty and put my remaining money into something I can touch and see and control. Real property is much harder to steal than digits and paper dollars sitting in the clutches of our financial overlords.

If, like me,  you buy a large enough business or property, it will generate enough income to pay all its operational bills, its mortgage, a manager to run it and all your personal bills too. This can create a 95% passive income stream that allows you to retire within 12 months.

The rosy statements that your retirement fund managers send are merely promises to pay, not the payment themselves. They are the illusion of value. Once you subtract real inflation and the taxes you must pay on the inflation-caused “gains” that actually still LOST real purchasing power, you have actually lost more money than you saved! Only 1 in 10,000 investors realize this.

Worse, your retirement accounts have virtually NO security. My research and opinion says that if just 3% of all retirement accounts were cashed out, the funds would run out of money to pay the other 97%. The money in your account is used to buy other paper investments so your fund can get a return for you. These other paper “investments” were way over priced and often, way over leveraged. There is not enough underlying real value left to cash out more than 3% of all retirement accounts. The same is true of bank deposits. Those who panic first, win.

But you aren’t panicking. You are merely self-educating yourself to realize that real goods and real properties carry far less risk than paper and digits in some account run by people you do not know, who you cannot control. With your existing retirement accounts, all you have is blind trust.

Are you willing to trust your life savings will actually be returned to you by the bankers and politicians who have already run our country into financial hell?

Think of those thousands of early mornings you marched off to work. Think of all those luxuries you did not buy so you could save for your retirement. Consider how much your family scrimped and went without so you could save for better days. Now imagine losing all that to crooks who care nothing about you and don’t even know you exist.

Trading real money today, for a piece of paper that promises more money in the future, is the oldest scam in mankind.  But because the crooks are wearing suits and speaking on television, you saw them as credible.  But you weren’t alone. So did everyone in The Herd.

Those dirty rat bastards. (The crooks, not The Herd)

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to leave The Herd and become your own expert. It’s your money. It represents a lifetime of work. It would be a spectacular catastrophe to lose it just because you refused to self-educate and make better choices.

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