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My childhood buddy and I promised that if one of us became a millionaire, he’d show the other how he did it. I got there first. My “Million Dollar Letter” is my fulfillment of that promise.

It took me a full week to write the letter and a lifetime to learn the content that I shared with my buddy. I have since shared the letter with my family members and people I’m mentoring. When you find a way to escape the rat race and retire early, you not only want to share it with the people you love, you want to share it with everyone!

In this letter, I share how I bought my passive income streams (the biggest for just $1,000 down). You’ll also learn why I selected what I did, how I determined a fair price to pay, how I arranged creative financing that worked for me, the seller and the bank, the key numbers involved that apply to all properties, and how my passive income properties protect me from low interest rates, high inflation and unfair taxes.

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My properties are like Golden Gooses that never stop laying. My managers keep them healthy and handle the day-to-day care and feeding. I just manage the managers and make deposits which takes about 5% of my time.

My Million Dollar Letter also shares my three best resources that taught me enough to do what I did without college, seminars or special training classes. If you have a library card and internet connection, all of them are free. My total investment in my passive income education was about $80 for books and a couple hundred hours of leisurely learning time on my own schedule.

Would you spend $80 and 200 hours self-educating yourself if you could retire within a year? For me, that was an easy answer and that price was worth it 100 times over. 1,000 times over.

But I had no degree of certainty that my plan would work. I didn’t know 10% of what I know now, yet it was still enough to succeed. My Million Dollar Letter will put you on the fast track to early retirement. It will share 10 times the information that I had when I bought my first and biggest Golden Goose.

I’d like everyone to have this information. But sadly, if people get valuable information for free, they rarely value it. Paying for the letter will actually help motivate you to follow the advice so you get the results you want.

What is early retirement worth to you? Think of the years or decades you can spend with your family rather than an employer. Think of the 95% passive income arriving every month that pays all your monthly bills plus more. Imagine waking up to an empty schedule every day — just waiting for you to fill with activities you want to do, rather than have to do.

For all of that, I don’t think $97 $27 is too much to ask. It’s just enough to push you to commit yet not too high to cause you pain. Say yes to yourself and to those you love.

TEMPORARY SPECIAL: Order now and you receive a $70 discount PLUS my 16-page FAQs. These are my answers to ultra-specific, frequently asked how-to questions such as:

Where do I find these properties?

Which properties are the most profitable with the least work?

How do I pencil out each property to determine if it will give me the passive income I need to retire?

What do I specifically say to sellers, bankers and Realtors to get the best deals that work for all parties?

How do I buy these properties with little or no money down?

What do I specifically say to sellers to get them to finance all or part of the deal?

What’s involved in operating these properties and how do I find a manager to run them for me?

Specifically, how does owning an income property protect me from low interest rates, high inflation and unfair taxes?

I answer these nitty-gritty questions that provide you enough information to jump-start your self-education to start shopping for properties within days. It took me years of actual experience to answer these questions.

By spending $97 $27 and committing to some self-education, you’ll actually learn how to buy one large enough income property that allows you to retire with 95% passive income within 12 months.

This is a brilliant alternative to working 40 years. They don’t teach this in school or in mainstream financial media. You owe it to yourself and those you love to reclaim your time and reclaim your life. There is no good reason to continue trading time for money, unless you love the work you are already doing or it’s teaching you skills that will speed your early retirement.

If you dream of a better life — much, much, much better — this is your chance.

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P.S. This isn’t one of those online flim-flam deals where the author of information does a better job writing the sales letter than the content that he’s selling. I enjoy sleeping peacefully each night so only sell things that create far more value than their cost. I actually followed the advice I offer and actually achieved early retirement in 2009 by using this information.

I know this information is transferable because the people I am mentoring are succeeding with it. One 30-year-old man I mentored closed on his first park in June, 2015. He has created a new 95% passive income stream that exceeds his current full-time job salary. He is now free to quit the job and “retire” any time he wants.  And he’s only 30! Thanks to a good on-site manager, he’s able to own a park in Nebraska while living in Wyoming.

“Without Mike as my mentor and guide I would not have been able to purchase my first 59 unit multi-family property in 2015. The direction and resources I received shaved years off the learning curve and now I have a stream of passive income that pays me every day of the year. His ideas, methods, and procedures have proved effective and most definitely successful as I’ve applied them in my life. I recommend anyone that is considering real estate investment to speak with Mike first.”
– Andrew Houze

Another couple I assisted just closed on a park in October, 2015. They reached retirement age and had a medium-sized nest egg but not enough to fund their retirement. Thanks to my mentoring, they were able to use that nest egg to buy a 95% passive income stream that far exceeds their monthly bills so they can retire immediately. They also live in Wyoming. Their new park is in Arizona with the warmer climate they wanted for winters.

I’m happy to share the contact info for these people upon request so you can verify what I say is true.

“I just wanted to let you know I bought your Million Dollar Letter last night and read it with great interest, including many handwritten comments and plenty of underlining!
Initially, I felt guilty and uncertain that I’d made the right decision to spend AUD$35 on an apparent whim, but I found what you said quite remarkable. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for writing all that you’d learned. I’m only now realizing the benefit of learning from others’ experiences, rather than doing everything myself.”

– Lachlan P.

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I not only want you to succeed by using my information, I want your testimonial as well. If you are not 100% delighted with The Million Dollar Letter, just send me a note explaining why and you’ll get a full refund.

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