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Many Ways to Earn Income Besides a Job

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Mike Johnson

4 thoughts on “Passive Income”

  1. Hello Mike ! this is great news , I would love get on the road with the 12 months retirement , I dream of doing real estate to reach financial freedom and I ask God to lead me to the right people that’s willing to give me understanding, your blog touch my sprite and I am ready, do you teach? Mike I want to see this year as a better year for myself. Thank You Mike hope to hear from you Imaniluke

    1. Paul/Imaniluke,
      It’s been a year since you posted your comments. Please provide an update on where you’re currently at. I think it will be invaluable for others to hear real-time updates from people who are working this system/method.

      Thank you for putting the site and the letter together.
      Happy new year.

  2. Thank You Sir, we are looking forward to the knowledge and subsequent action on our part to create a positive life stream.
    The war is on and most of us are not aware that it is against us.
    It is a financial war in which we have lost most of our jobs in middle America to other countries and retirement is long gone.
    If we are going to survive and retire, it will be from all of us thinking and working outside of the traditional box that we were raised and educated, that environment is no longer in existence.
    Simply stated we must all do it our selves and not rely on the government or the corporate structure to be there in any way shape or form, it’s a pipe dream.
    So, let’s get it done. The sooner the better!

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