Retire Now & Make Your Life a Perpetual Saturday

By Mike Johnson

Financial freedom is heaven.

I know this because I live there. No more Mondays. It’s Perpetual Saturday here on the mountain. No dress code. No boss. No having to be somewhere. The Border Collie is my co-worker, jeans are my uniform and the schedule is whatever I decide to do, wherever I decide to do it. Today I decided to write you from the “skybox” living room of my log home, 1,400 feet above the valley, framed by 12,000-foot snowcapped mountains, just outside Yellowstone National Park.

I’m immersed in my dream — an early retirement in a location I love, with a woman I love, in a home that I love.  I “retired” eight years ago after establishing 95% passive income streams. I own three mobile home parks that each have a manager. My only “job” is managing my managers. This is done mostly by phone and email.

I no longer work any schedule. I don’t have to leave the mountain unless I want to. My income rolls in each month and far exceeds my monthly bills.

If I travel, the income continues. If I get sick or disabled, the income continues. If I want a raise, I raise rents, reduce expenses or buy another income property. Each month, my equity in the properties grows and their value increases.

I don’t have to worry about my paper investments crashing because I don’t hold any paper investments. My investments are held in real properties that produce real monthly income. I am totally in control of my investments. I don’t have to worry about outliving my savings because my properties provide fresh income every month without me having to work a schedule. I don’t have to worry about brokers or bankers stealing my savings because they never get their hands on my savings.

While everyone else is losing money in paper investments (and don’t even realize it!) due to low interest rates, high inflation and unfair taxes, I am actually gaining money in this environment due to owning real property investments.

This is what financial freedom looks like. It can become your reality too, if you just learn how to BUY an already existing passive income stream that allows you to retire within 12 months.

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